Read Across America Week


This year the theme for Read Across America is Celebrating a Nation of Diverse Readers. Mrs. Carrelha, our AMAZING GHE media center specialist, has tons of great activities planned to promote reading and encourage our students to become life-long readers. Classrooms are assigned countries and will decorate doors and read to learn more about their countries. Starting Friday 2/28, a spirit activity is planned each day to celebrate Read Across America week.


Friday 2/28: GHE Rockstar Reader’s Day

Wear your GHE gear and Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) for 15 minutes. Students can bring in a stuffed animal friend that lives in the classroom's assigned country to read with.)


Monday 3/2, Bling Day

Where are your ancestors from? Today wear your favorite head gear (or bring in a picture to share with your class), wear your costume jewelry, wear an international team jersey, or dress comfortably in your country’s colors! 


Tuesday 3/3, Origin Country Day

Bring in your favorite book that tells about something from your country of origin. Share it with the whole class or partner read. 


Wednesday 3/4, Show and Tell Day

Bring in an item from a country you have visited or your native country. Hide it in a bag and give three clues about it. See if your classmates can guess what it is and why it is so special to that country! If you don’t have a souvenir to show use your device to find a picture of one! Read about it and share your thoughts.


Thursday 3/5, Diversity Day - Dress up or share your talent

Do you dance, play music or have a special talent you want to share? Wear your original or traditional clothing of the country of your choice. Show your talent to the class. Show a short video of you in action at your out of school event!


Friday 3/6, Reading Buddies day!

Classes will be paired and older students can read with a buddy. Visit the media center before to check out your favorite tale, a non-fiction book about a country you want to travel to or a picture book from your favorite international author. 

Friday, February 28, 2020
Monday, March 2, 2020


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